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Contact me, my name is Toni, with any comments or questions. I'd love to hear from you!

PO Box 394
San Antonio, Florida 33576

Office - 352-668-4577
Cell - 727-742-7719


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As you can see I don't have "hours" listed. That is because I am available most hours of the day. Being in Florida, I am in the Eastern Time Zone. The phone numbers above are my office and my personal cell phone number. By using my cell, I can be available to answer your questions no matter where I am should I not be in the office when you call. I am available by phone generally between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm Eastern Time though I do like to sleep in a bit on the weekends :). If you should call during these hours and I don't answer, it is only because I am already on the phone with someone. I don't believe in putting people on hold to answer another call. I don't like it when someone puts me on hold and I wouldn't want to do that to you either.

So, if you call and I don't answer please go ahead and leave me a voice message and as soon as I've finished assisting the person who called in prior, I will call you back. I can only call you back if I know that you called. You took the time to call me so please, give me the opportunity to assist you by leaving a message for me in the event that I do not answer your call.

I do not have "Customer Service Reps" that don't know a thing about this business and what you need. I am here to personally assist you in any way that I can and with a decade of experience, I am the only person with the qualifications to assist you.

I only use one e-mail address because I personally respond to all e-mail messages. I don't use "Departments" like "New Orders", "Order Status", "Dealer Inquiries", etc. because whenever you call or send an e-mail it will be me who will assist you so why make things confusing?

I have grown and nurtured this business over the course of 10 years. I believe that it is through personal service, caring about your project and providing quality, beautiful products that I enjoy such success. I have personally made tens of thousands of tiles for several thousand clients over these past 10 years and although The Tile Mural Store has become somewhat of a "big business" you will always receive the personal service you deserve. I am proud to say that the website receives over 10,000 visitors a month who place hundreds of orders but I am never too busy to assist you.

So, you have come to this page because you want to make contact with me. Go ahead and call or send an e-mail. You will receive personal one-on-one service from me. My name is Toni and I am the owner and founder of The Tile Mural Store. I look forward to hearing from you!